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Thoughts from a Female Barber in a Man's World

Wendy Rose

Barbarella Entry - ThomasMy journey to becoming a barber was a difficult one. It's a long story that I plan to write more about and share, but today I'd like to share something that I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about. First, I want to tell you how truly grateful I am to so many of you who support me, our barbers and support our business. I have gotten to meet some of the most amazing people with this profession! I never thought barbering would create so many deep and profound relationships. My barber team, Jeff, Amy, Ariana, Ryne, Kevin and Chuy; they are who make the Beardsmith what it is. They take it beyond my vision of what I thought was possible by creating great customer service and wonderful experiences for our clients and customers. My dream team! Honestly, I never thought I'd have such a great support team like them. Because of them, I feel confident in what I do and feel like it's safe to take chances and take my work to new levels by stepping outside of the box to try new challenges and learn more. One of those challenges was deciding to make a video for Reuzel to apply for a chance to become a "Scumbassador". What the heck is a Scumbassador? Well, it's a position as a representative of the Schorem Barbers, a Reuzel Rep., to help demonstrate haircuts along with Reuzel products to barbers around the country. After making a video on a whim one day with Jeff, we sent it in for the contest. I thought, there's no way they'd pick me and if they do it's only because we sell the most Reuzel products in the state of Idaho. Or it's because Jeff was my model in the video. Well, wouldn't ya know it, they chose me to be a candidate! So, I'll be heading to Chicago to the Reuzel headquarters for a week of training with the best! Thirty barbers were chosen from all over the country and I'm one of them. The thought of meeting folks with the same passion for barbering is exciting. People like me who want to learn, grow teach and become better!
I really cannot believe it.

Barbarella Entry - VictorioSo here is where the mixed feelings come in. The thing is, I don't really think I give the best haircuts. The technical aspect is still a bit off and I know I can do better, and I'm not there yet. I'm never quite satisfied with any of my haircuts. The only satisfaction I feel is when a client seems pretty happy about what we accomplished with his look, if he had a great time during the service, and if I know he might give me another chance to do it better by coming back again. I know I'm not terrible at cutting hair. I just don't think I'm an award winning barber, even though our shop has won awards for the Idaho Statesman's Best Men's Haircut three years in a row now. That's some really exciting stuff! I feel the award comes because we have a collective team providing an experience that people love enough to vote for us, (which is very much appreciated!!) 

So, feeling how I feel, get a load of this--I decided to enter ANOTHER contest. GUYS I am not into contests. I can't stand contests. I despise them. That's another blog post we shall have to write sometime.

Barbarella Entry - ZackThe Barberella is a barbering contest for lady barbers, sponsored by the Schorem barbers. I contemplated entering for some time. I know I'm not the best, but I'm a lady barber. It's tough for women in this industry. I was once told that real barbers have "poles". Haha! Stupid, sexist and so 1849. So I threw all my fucks out the window and entered this Barberella contest. I entered because of the people who are in the pictures I submitted, what they represent, and how they have touched my life. I may have not taken a lot of risks with their haircuts. I feel like I played it pretty safe and that's ok. I entered because I'm a lady barber and I never want my insecurities to get the best of me. I want to rise above them and always try to be better. Learn from my mentors and rub elbows with them.

The results are finally in for the Barberella contest and I didn't place. Hundreds of lady barbers entered hundreds of pictures and five finalists were chosen to perform onstage in LA, haircuts for an audience of a few hundred people. I feel somewhat relieved, but it also confirms for me how I feel deep down. I'm not ready for the big time. I'm not discouraged and this gives me a chance to perfect my skills. I have a long ways to go and one thing is for sure, I will keep learning and teaching and growing! My heart burns with desire for perfection and creativity. I'm looking forward to what is to come. The future is bright!

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