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Beard Grease


Beard Grease

What is Beard Grease?

Beard Grease is an all-natural hybrid Beard oil / Beard balm developed from our extensive knowledge of Beards. It makes your Beard feather soft, tames the flyaway hairs, and makes you smell like a man should. Made with an array of natural plant-based oils and butters, nothing compares to its conditioning and moisturizing capabilities.

Why is Beard Grease unique?

Because nobody knows Beards better than we do. That's quite a bold statement, but we have the history and experience to back it up. Most Beard care products are created with input from a limited number of people. In our barbershop, we work hands-on with hundreds of Beards every week. We have expertise with every type of Beard imaginable, and we've developed Beard Grease from this experience. We see first-hand how it performs over time on various Beard types. In addition to our own working knowledge, we receive constant, ongoing feedback from clients and customers, and we've made adjustments to our formulas to give guys the product they've told us they want.

How do I use Beard Grease?

Beard Grease should be used once daily. After showering, towel dry the Beard. Take about a dime-size amount of Beard Grease (more or less, depending on the epicness of your Beard) and rub it between your hands until it turns into an oil. Massage the Beard Grease into the hairs and the skin underneath. Groom as usual with a quality brush or comb.

I don't want my Beard to be greasy.

Most guys don't want either a greasy or an oily Beard. If you use the correct amount of Beard Grease, it should all be absorbed into the hair and skin underneath within 30-60 minutes. If your Beard feels greasy or oily to the touch after an hour, you've just used too much.

What are the ingredients of Beard Grease?

Beard Grease is made with all-natural* plant-based oils and butters that have been shown to promote healthy, moisturized and soft hair and skin. The main ingredients are: Coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, lanolin and beeswax.

*All Beard Grease blends are all-natural, with the exception of the Haymaker Blend, which contains less than 2% cosmetic-safe, phalate-free fragrance oil.


Why don't you make liquid Beard oils?

We get this question fairly often, so Jeff made a blog post on this very subject. In addition to liquid Beard oils being a partial solution, there are some additional reasons we don't and won't make them. You can read more on The Beardsmith Blog.


Who are you guys?

The Beardsmith was started by Wendy Rose and Jeff Summers. It was born from Wendy's lifelong love of facial hair. After working in the corporate world for most of her adult life, she decided to ditch it all and go to barber school so she could play with Beards all day. She's now a 4th generation barber, and has created Beard trimming techniques that are unique in the barbering world, ones that preserve the majesty of the Beard rather than destroying it.

Jeff worked as a software engineer for over 15 years and fully supported Wendy's crazy idea. After our clients demanded a quality, affordable Beard care product, he set off to create the perfect Beard concoction. After several months of experimentation and feedback, the first formula was introduced. As The Beardsmith has grown, Jeff has given up life behind the desk to run the nuts and bolts of the business, and to work on continued product development.

In addition to Wendy, we have two barbers who are certified Beardsmiths: Ryne Lothrop and Kevin Osborn. We also have a great reception team who keep the shop running smoothly: Amy Rose (Wendy's sister), Ariana Osborn, and Wendy's daughter Avery. Jeff's son Isaac helps with product production and distribution.

Why do you always capitalize the word "Beard"?

Because the Beard demands respect.

If you're going down the street in your rowboat and all four wheels fall off, how many pancakes does it take to cover a dog house?

Thirteen. Because footballs don't have feathers.