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Beardsmith® Man Mist Beard Deodorizer

Beardsmith® Man Mist Beard Deodorizer

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$ 9.99
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The Beardsmith Man Mist is a deodorizer and refresher for the Beard. Made in your favorite Beardsmith scents, it's perfect for freshening up your Beard after that double bacon burger at lunch. You can also use it as an all-over body spray to freshen up the pits after chopping a few cords of wood. Man Mist is a water-based cologne rather than alcohol-based, making it safe and non-drying for the Beard. Available in your favorite Beardsmith scents:

  • Haymaker - Earthy Spice With Coffee
  • Wünderlust - Citurs and Eucalyptus
  • Original - Deep Woodsy Scent With Coffee
  • Bootleg and Rough Cut available soon.
Comes in a 2 oz bottle with mist sprayer.

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